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Timeless Exteriors Inc. is your trusted choice for exceptional steel siding services in Nekoosa, WI. With a remarkable 27-year track record, rely on us as your premier residential and commercial siding contractor. Whether it’s seamless steel siding panels for your home or business, we offer top-quality installations. Simply share your vision, and our team of experts will handle the rest with utmost professionalism and precision!

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Say Goodbye To Ugly Seams And Splices

When you look at the homes in your neighborhood, you probably notice seams every 12 feet along their siding. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, is it? We didn’t think so, either. That’s why Timeless Exteriors Inc provides our customers with seamless metal siding. Each piece of siding is custom-cut for a perfect fit, offering a sleek, stylish appearance for every home. In addition to providing the materials, we’ll also handle your entire seamless siding installation in Nekoosa, WI for you.


Count on us for seamless gutter installations, safeguarding your property from water damage while enhancing its overall charm.

Wick Buildings

Discover the versatility of wick buildings, expertly crafted by Timeless Exteriors, offering reliable structures for various purposes.


Transform your outdoor living space into an inviting oasis with our pergolas designed to combine beauty and functionality.

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